Ruled Calligraphy Paper

This is a test application I'm using to become familiar with the Google App Engine. You can use it to generate a ruled PDF suitable for calligraphy practice, with ascender and descender lines and slant guides.

To use, specify the width of your nib in millimeters (if you are using the Manuscript nib set, you can select your nib to choose the nominal size). Then specify the heights of the ascenders, body, and descenders using nib widths. You can select a script to specify default values suitable for various calligraphy hands.

If you do not want periodic vertical guides (useful for scripts with a slant, such as italic), use zero for the "nib width between guidelines".

nib width in mm:
ascender height in nibs over x-height:
cap height in nibs over x-height: (use 0 for no cap-height line)
x-height in nibs:
descender height in nibs:
gap between rows in nibs:
slant angle in degrees from vertical:
(-80 to 80)
nib width between guidelines:
page size: custom size in inches: x
page orientation:
grid color:
ascender/descender lines color:
angle guides color:
line width (in points):
left margin in inches:
right margin in inches:
Jin Choi